What happens during pregnancy when you have endometriosis?

In the first trimester, the hormones secreted during pregnancy can exacerbate the painful symptoms, and then the hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the endometrial cells to rest, which can have a beneficial effect and permanently reduce endometriosis. It is a period of remission, the resumption of cycles after childbirth causes a gradual reappearance of symptoms.

There is no greater risk of miscarriage in endometriosis, however, there is a three times higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. Complications during pregnancy are rare and mainly involve risks of hypertension, preeclampsia, in utero growth retardation, abnormalities in the location of the placenta or delivery hemorrhages.

The risk of premature delivery appears to be greater only in cases with deep endometriosis or adenomyosis (uterine involvement) lesions.

Natural childbirth should be considered, except in a few specific cases depending on the personal and surgical history (rectum, vagina), the type of lesions and the course of the pregnancy.

It is good to know that in almost 80% of women who were unable to have a child because of endometriosis, a pregnancy occurred within one year, after a combination of surgical and medical treatment.

Source : Nous remercions la clinique Mons Endométriose d’avoir mis à notre disposition ces informations médicales.