our guestbook

In this guestbook, we propose you to confide (anonymously or not) what you feel, what you have on your heart. Indeed, we have thought long and hard about how to dedicate a space to you so that you can all help each other as in a family and in this case, the family Toi mon endo.

In order to make it a serene and benevolent space, it will be moderated for the well-being of everyone. For this reason, this space will not accommodate medical courses for two reasons: firstly, we are not doctors and we invite you to consult a gynecologist with knowledge of endometriosis (see map); secondly, we are all different and we invite you not to compare yourselves because every body is different and therefore what will work for one person may not work for another.

And because we (too) often forget the importance of our loved ones in our accompaniment, each person will find his or her place in this Golden Book. n this Guestbook, you will be able to put words on your ailments, write what you never dared to say, share your feelings, share your emotions and if you wish, ask for advice. To do so, we invite you to register (by creating an account), but don't worry, if you wish to remain anonymous it will be possible

Remember, you are not alone and together we are stronger.

Happy reading,the family Toi mon endo

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