Rencontre l’équipe Toi mon endo 

Because at You my endo we are a family full of nice women, coming from different countries avec des with different but so enriching backgrounds.

Everything that is being put in place, it's thanks to this wonderful family! !

Laura, 22 years old


So here I am, I am Laura. I am Belgian and I am 22 years old. I have a Bachelor's degree (BAC+3) in Political Science and currently my daily life is You my endo. Ahh... "you, my endo", my unwanted roommate, I have adapted my life to you but I promised myself to fight every day, with a smile and to go forward to win this fight of a lifetime. So I created this association with the ultimate goal of putting in place what I had missed when I was alone in front of my pain and nobody understood me: an association! 

Attentive, perfectionist, generous and ambitious


Wendy, 20 years old

General coordinatorrale - VOLUNTEER 

Hello! My name is Wendy and I am 20 years old. I have a degree in social sciences, so I am an educator. A year ago, I was diagnosed after years of suffering and You my endo was able to reach out to me and help me move forward in spite of everything. This is why my commitment within the ASBL was obvious to me because I, in turn, wish to reach out to you.
Since then, I have been giving myself body and soul to help the women affected and their loved ones through the association and its projects. My wish is to be for you the one I needed when I was younger.

Dedicated, creative, spontaneous and ambitious

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Camille, 20 year


Hello ! My name is Camille, I am 20 years old and in my last year of my Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy. I decided to join the toimonendo team after my diagnosis in December 2020 because I am not the type to let myself down and I am determined to make things happen. Too many women are still not taken seriously and I think that together we can make a difference! Through the association, I hope to be able to participate in this change towards a recognition of our disease and the fight we are leading so that we can finally be heard by the medical world but also the political world.

Determined, welcoming, empathetic and optimistic

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Sarah, 24 year


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am 24 years old and I am an orderly. I wanted to join the ASBL because I have a fighting temperament and once I was diagnosed, I told myself that if endometriosis was better known I shouldn't have had to wait 7 years before I was taken care of. In this ASBL, my goal is to listen, advise and fight for all those young girls and women who are still too much left out!

Sincere, protective, helpful and hopeful.

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Clémentine, 23 year

Hello! My name is Clementine, I am 23 years old and I am a student in Master 2 of European Studies. I don't have endometriosis but I have been a friend of Laura's for many years. I have watched her grow up and fight against this disease. It is therefore to support and help all these women that I wanted to participate at my level in the ASBL Toi Mon Endo.

Créative, engagée, à l’écoute et digne de confiance

Morgane, 23 ans


Hello ! Je m’appelle Morgane, j’ai 23 ans, j’ai eu mon bac en publicité en 2019 et j’ai ensuite créé ma marque de bijoux. J’ai appris l’existence de mon endométriose en juin 2019. Wendy m’a fait connaître Laura et son ASBL fin 2020 et depuis elles m’ont appris beaucoup de choses sur cette maladie car je n’étais pas suivie correctement, c’est bientôt le cas grâce à elles. Elles m’ont demandé suite à mon expérience dans le domaine de faire le site web pour l’ASBL, c’est tout naturellement que j’ai accepté ! Parce qu’il est important de faire connaître l’endométriose qui touche une femme sur dix, la communication via ce site et les réseaux sociaux en est la clé. Je suis contente de les aider à faire naître chaque idée qu’elles ont pour ce site.

Créative, passionnée, bienveillante et perfectionniste

Sarah, 20 ans 

Coordinatrice Régionale bretagne – Bénévole 

Hello, moi c’est Sarah et je vis en France. Je suis actuellement en 2ième année d’école d’infirmière. Avec la création de l’ASBL et la naissance de mon amitié avec Laura, il était pour moi évident d’apporter à Toi mon endo mon aide d’une quelconque manière. J’ai été diagnostiquée il y a quelques années mais j’ai seulement pu accepter la maladie il y a quelques mois grâce à l’association et à Laura. Aujourd’hui, à mon tour, je me sens capable d’aider plusieurs femmes dans ce combat de toute une vie. 

Bienveillante, sensible, créative et généreuse