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Explanation of Livia and my experience 

How can you trust a little button? How can we believe that yes, this button can help us to better live our rules? Don't worry, I've been asking myself these questions for a long time. I saw Livia's ads, positive opinions (sometimes too positive and therefore one can wonder if it's really true?) and I never dared to go beyond that.

In this article, I invite you to understand how Livia works (with simple words) and understand how it improves my daily life as a woman with endometriosis.

In September I was contacted by Livia. In all honesty, I was quite skeptical and I didn't believe in it too much. After a very enriching discussion, I received a Livia to test it. What was important for me was to be clear from the beginning that I would not put Livia forward if it didn't work or if I saw other negative aspects. So I tried it for 2 months without talking about it on social networks and I also tried it with relatives with (or without) endometriosis. We all agreed that yes, it works. Yes, it improves our daily life with our "painful period" type pains, even outside the period.

The Livia soothing my pain


Livia is a TENS, in other words, a transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation device.

Concretely, two hypotheses exist to explain how TENS works.


In simple words, this theory puts forward that the electric current sent to the nerves (thanks to Livia in this case) would contribute to blocking the passage of painful information to the brain. The "gate" would thus be closed between the nerves and the spinal cord, which is the normal way of transmitting nerve impulses to the brain. 

Simply put, the electrical current emitted by the Livia device scrambles the message. "I'm in pain, I'm in pain, I'm in pain" so that the message of pain doesn't reach your brain, so basically you're in pain, but you don't feel it anymore because the message is blurred. 


The endogenous production (therefore internal to your body) of natural analgesics (painkillers) would be a bit our "natural painkiller". These natural painkillers are mainly endorphins (see below what endorphins are) and their production would be stimulated by the passage of the electric current emitted by the Livia in the nerves. 

Definition: what is endorphin?

« They are neuropeptides, synthesized by the brain, mainly by two brain glands, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.They are present in many organs including the brain and spinal cord. There are several kinds of them, among which are : beta-endorphins, the most important, and enkephalins.These hormones bind to morphine receptors in the thalamus and act in a similar way to this opiate".explains Dr. Patrick Lemoine, psychiatrist..

Endorphins are generally issued after 20 to 30 minutes and this in different situations:  in moments of physical effort, intense excitement, pain, or even during an orgasm. 

In short, endorphins are our allies in everyday life and perhaps even more so with a chronic disease that makes us suffer. 


I remember, when I was younger, I asked my parents to buy the Livia (initial price: 159€) but they were quite skeptical. At the time, I was grumbling because I couldn't understand why my parents didn't want to buy me a Livia. Looking back now, I understand them perfectly. A Livia is certainly a budget, but right now, having tried it and adopted it, I would say that it's more of a investment. I also understand my parents' mistrust of social networks where one can read positive, negative, mixed opinions, ... how to trust

That's why I decided of my own free will to write an article about the Livia device. Everything that I undertake for the ASBL I always do it by telling me «  "Laura, what would you have needed at that time? "  and that's how I came to tell myself that if I had had a trustworthy person who had explained and said "Yes, it helps me." I sincerely believe that as a teenager, I might have been better able to convince my parents to trust this little box. 


Livia can sincerely help you with your menstrual pain. What I mean by this is pain in the lower abdomen. Mild pain as well as pain where you really bend in half.What I want to emphasize is that Livia is very small and is designed and intended to fit into your pants/pants/pullover/... you can really adopt it in many situations and this without being noticed since it is completely soundproof.  

Livia can also help you with lumbar pain. For example, I very often have pain in my sciatic nerve, to the point of having a sciatic feeling, so what I do is that sometimes I put the flowerpads on my back, or one on my lower abdomen and the other on my back. It's true that the wires are not very long, but in that case, what I advise you to do is either alternate belly/back (and let the endorphins produced by the flowerpads act in the meantime on the area where you don't put the flowerpads) or depending on where it hurts, maybe the wires will be long enough to know how to place them as you need them. 

In short, I sincerely believe that Livia can improve the daily lives of many women and I think that any improvement is welcome for soothe our pain. 


The ultimate moment when I know it's too late is when the crisis comes. For my part, it is a digestive crisis and at that moment I know that nothing can help me anymore: the explosion of pain begins.

For me, my digestive crises of endometriosis start with stabs in the lower abdomen, electric shocks in my belly and I feel that I absolutely have to go to the toilet. When I sit on the toilet, I feel hot, very hot and I usually undress so much I get so hot. During my crisis, I have a lot of mixed emotions; anger, rage, sadness, fear, anguish and above all, helplessness in front of my own body that is killing me with pain little by little. I cry, the tears flow on my cheeks and there I know that I am approaching the end of the crisis, the deliverance. My seizures end in diarrhea and literally, after a seizure I am drained and I have no strength left for anything. I often end up falling asleep because I am so weak. 

In short, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that by putting the Livia on my lower abdomen, the seizure will stop. No, simply because it's not true. I would have hoped to be able to relieve us and tell you that it's the miracle button for everything, but for me anyway, It doesn't relieve my digestive crises. 


I will end this article by announcing that You my endo and Livia have become partners to act together against endometriosis,where at least, even if our endometriosis (or our painful periods) are not going to disappear forever with Livia, we can at least alleviate them and that, I say a big yes. 

Livia is the device that I so badly wanted to have when I was a teenager and my pains at school were unbearable. Livia is also the device that I would recommend to anyone who works, plays sports, is active or not and has pain during their period. 

I would like to specify that the ASBL has accepted this partnership for different reasons: 

  • In order to make the more accessible device à toutes, nous avons un code promo pour toi (code : toi_mon_endo). Ce code te permet d’avoir le Livia à 119€ au lieu de 159€ (jusqu’au 31/12/2021, après il repasse à 129€).
  • Livia supports the association Toi mon endo because for each Livia purchased with the code, 10€ are donated to the association.
  • Le Livia's after-sales is very human and very open in case of problems. 
  • Livia has realized clinical trials on their device. It requires a lot of medical controls etc., so it is not a simple device sold on the market (as there are many) but a device with research and proven clinical effectiveness. 

I sincerely hope that this article will help you understand why Livia works and how Livia soothed my menstrual pain (even outside of my period). 

If you have adopted Livia, don't hesitate to leave your positive or negative opinion (as long as it is constructive) so that others can read your feelings and experiences.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment under this article, I will answer them with great pleasure. 

Please take care of yourself,

Laura from @Toimonendo 



  1. De Man says:

    As far as I am concerned, the Livia helps to relieve bearable pain. When I was in crisis during my period, it did absolutely nothing for me, which is a pity because it is in those moments that I would have needed it the most.

    • Laura says:

      Hello Nathalie,
      Thank you for your feedback on Livia. I understand well, it's a bit like I explain that it doesn't help me during my big crises but for the rest yes.
      Nice day to you,
      Laura for @Toimonendo

      • Marietta says:

        Atteinte d’endométriose et face à la douleur qui m’attendait je me suis décidé à sauter le pas en achetant mon premier Livia j’avoue que le prix m’a bloqué. Donc premier jour de règle j’arrive à aller au travail et je le garde sur moi toute une journée où je peux faire pas mal de choses que d’habitude je ne ferai pas le premier jour , étant aide soignante je me mets en arrêt pratiquement deux ou trois jours par mois dès que mes règles arrivent. Deuxième jour mon Livia étant en charge je me réveille à cause d’une douleur insupportable vers les 1h du matin mon Livia est finalement rechargé et je le place tout de suite sur mon ventre et au bout de quelques minutes plus de douleur ouffff . Donc au final les deux bémol sont le prix de l’appareil, des gel pads, le temps de charge et le coffret de transport trop petit pour ranger tous les accessoires. Il y a les TENS beaucoup moins chers mais je n’arrive pas à comprendre la différence de prix. Je pense en prendre un pour voir la différence . Voilà mon petit retour j espère que ça pourra aider.

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